At Brix Wines, we are constantly looking for ways to stand out and offer that special wine experience to our guests, so here are a couple of special features offered by Brix Wines:   

Delivery service:  We are happy to offer free delivery service to within 20 miles of Brix Wines for any purchase of either 2 cases of wine or $500.  Not only will your wine be delivered free of charge, but the wine will be personally stocked into your cellar for you!   

Cellar design:  Do you have a wine cellar and are having trouble either figuring out what wines to put in it or how to arrange your wines?  If so, we can help create a lay out of your cellar with suggestions as to what wines to fill it with and how to arrange them.  At completion, you will be provided with tasting notes of all wines in your cellar for easy reference.     

Private Parties:  Brix Wines is available for private parties on any day or night of the week!  Why pay restaurant or banquet hall pricing for wines when you can come to Brix Wines and they're all at retail pricing?  We have a list of approved caterers and musicians available.  For pricing on renting out Brix Wines for your next event, just email Bryan at   

Special orders:  Having a hard time finding a certain wine?  We have access to any wine that comes to Arizona, so if you're looking for a specific wine, feel free to email Bryan at, and we will have an answer for you within 24 hours.