Private Lockers

When our family started designing Brix Wines, we knew that we didn't want to create yet another cookie cutter wine bar.  We wanted to give the North Valley something they had never seen before, and not only kick it up not one notch, but several notches.  The signature room at Brix Wines is known as "The Library."  This is our temperature controlled, glass front, exclusive room with 46 private lockers as well as some of the most spectacular wines available on the globe for sale!  This room has been a vision of ours for years, and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer our guests this special experience along side the personal lockers, each of which is finished with their own engraved brass name plate to proudly showcase our guests' family or business names!   If you are interested in having your private locker at Brix Wines, please feel free to email Bryan for details at