Sip, Savor, Shop

Our Wine Bar setting is a very rare find in the Valley!

Why you ask??  Well we do not believe in up-charging you to enjoy your wines at Brix!  So what does that mean??  Basically, if you find yourself at another unique combination of a wine shop and wine store in one, you will almost always be charged what they like to call a "corkage" fee in order to enjoy your wines while at the bar.  Well we simply do not believe in corkage fees!  So whatever the retail cost of the bottle of wine, that is the cost for you to enjoy that bottle and an evening out at Brix!  

Not a penny more,

We are a retail shop first and foremost, so at Brix you have an unsurpassed selection of wines to choose from, either to enjoy during your visit here or to purchase for your cellar at home.  We invite you to stop by for your next afternoon date or just to check us out...and you will be pleased to find the selection that many from the wine world have dubbed the best they have ever seen in an independent shop!